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Monday/Tues/Wed 7pm

Best Shape of Your Life

When you take Kickboxing Fitness classes at Carolina Karate, you’ll be whipped into the best shape of your life faster than you ever thought possible.

You’ll be sliding into your skinny jeans in no time, as your unwanted fat and flab begins melting away with your very first class!

Our Kickboxing Fitness classes are unmatched by any other fitness program you’ll find. That’s because our black belt masters will get you punching and kicking your way to a tougher, trimmer, and toned body with moves that use every muscle from head to toe!

By combining the most effective moves from boxing and martial arts with high-energy cardio exercises, with jump rope, bag work, weights, and resistance bands, our Kickboxing Fitness classes are guaranteed to help you look and feel amazing.

Choose Kickboxing at Carolina Karate for a whole new you!

At Carolina Karate, we’ve designed our Kickboxing Fitness classes to get you in shape fast. You’ll burn as much as 900 calories with each class you take, and you’ll experience dozens of added benefits, too.

When you take Carolina Karate’s Kickboxing Fitness classes, you’ll be thrilled at how you look and feel. Our black belt instructors won’t just help you to get into the best shape ever, but we’ll also show you every life-saving self-defense technique you need to know to bring any attacker to his knees!

Benefits Of Carolina Karate Kickboxing-Fitness Classes

  • Kickboxing Fitness will help you lose weight faster than any other exercise
  • You’ll be turning heads as you build beautifully toned muscles
  • Your self confidence will skyrocket
  • You’ll enjoy a huge boost to your mental clarity and focus
  • You’ll erase years of aging from your body

Dates & Pricing

Monday/Tues/Wed 7pm for now, more coming soon.

$40 first month unlimited classes and includes hand wraps!

Please contact us for more details or to register for the class. Join our mailing list to get updates on class times or call us to schedule a class specifically for your company or group.